Power places in "Franconian Switzerland"

Seminar with Peter Dawkins

Within the region of the “Fraenkische Schweiz”, situated between Erlangen and Bamberg, the Spirit of the landscape is still alive.
Many Celtic places bear testimony of the history of the Franconians and are guarding their powerful traces. Mighty rocks with their fortified castles are imbuing the landscape with an energy of being untamed. The more than 500 – now ruined - castles along the “Road of Castles” are showing, that the noblemen found the region a good place at their times. There are lots of power places in this area, like the “Druid’s Grove” of far reaching importance, which may almost be a called a landscape sanctuary.
In this seminar with Peter Dawkins we will undertake a journey to various powerful places, in order to feel, recognize and heal – nature and ourselves.

Peter Dawkins

Architect, is an internationally known author and teacher of western wisdom traditions like the Rosicrucians and the art of temple science as well as the science of life and of the relationship between humans and their environment. He is a pioneer in the new understanding of the term “landscape temple”, founder and leader of the “Zoence” Institute, which is involved with healing the earth through geomantic pilgrimages.
Further on Peter is the founder and director of the Francis Bacon Research Trust, which is offering seminars and publishing books about topics of the Renaissance.
His special affinity is for a harmonious relationship between mankind and nature as well as the spiritual world. Peter’s clairvoyance, his love for the landscape and his outstanding research led directly to the development of the science of landscape temples and geo-cosmic pilgrimages.

Cost of seminar: 290, - €

Detailed programme to be announced.

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